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Image by Annie Spratt


Glycode Triterpenoid Glycoside, derived from the Camellia Tree’s bountiful fruits and seeds delivers the beneficial properties of Ancient Chinese Culture to the modern world. We combine ancient resources with advanced technology, maximizing its intrinsic value. Glycode Triterpenoid Glycoside is 100% natural plant extractions which help deliver a clean world for our future life.

Image by Annie Spratt


Grown on the hilly mountainsides of Southern China, and nurtured by Mother Nature for over 2300 years, stands the ancient Camellia Tree. Organically grown and nourished from the elements of air and earth, these magnificent specimens grow peacefully, far away from busy city life. 

Our camellia fields are designed as an Eco-Friendly project. Since the early 2000s, Glycode has been involved in sustainable camellia development for future supply. This innovative and collaborative approach improves economic and social development for local populations while protecting the environment by preventing deforestation caused by social development, climate change, and mountain fires. We are working together to bring the green space back to our communities and grow the economy.

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